Suricata offers a unique and breakthrough software technology allowing organzations, banks, cooperations to conduct their own 24/7 penetrating tests in order to prevent external attacks and exposure of their sensitive data.

CyBer™ Pro – the most cost-effective solution in the market

  • Are you secured?
  • Is your data protected?
  • Ever wondered what will happen if all your data will be exposed? The damage? The lost? 
  • Is your money invested in the best cyber security strategy for your organization?

From  year  to  year, networks become more and more  complex and challenging  to monitor, and at  the same  time,  the number of cyber  attacks  continues  to  increase  rapidly.

Code Blocker is the only solution that provides real time prevention from unknown threats.

This patented solution is a virtual appliance, installed on cloud or on-premises, that detects and prevents cyber-attacks over the email attack vector, before the threat enters the organization’s internal networks. Code Blocker uses static analysis technology to inspect the email traffic for hidden code inside data objects, providing a conclusive result for each scanned email.