Strategic Installations such as – nuclear and electric plants, Gas and Oil fields, national institutions like government buildings, embassies, etc., have always been a preferred target for terrorist attacks in order to cause as many human casualties or economical damage possible.
Protection of Strategic Installations is a national interest. Their sabotage can de-stabilize the entire security of the country and/or its economical status, therefore require special attention and security measures.
Suricata offers the highest level of Critical Infrastructure security projects, starting from local and small installations up to extra-large projects that can cover the entire country.
As always, our understanding is that technology by itself cannot answer all the range of threats, but technology backed by a well trained and prepared personnel can confront any threat and assure the continuity of these essential national assets.


  • Command and control center
  • Smart fencing
  • Day/night long range cameras
  • RF Jammers
  • Radars
  • Antidrone systems
  • Metal gates
  • X Ray machines


  • Security procedures for routine and emergency
  • Training of security directors
  • Training of armed security agents
  • Contingency plans
  • Contact with LE units