Suricata offers the most advanced Monitoring and Geolocation technology in the market for 3G/4G networks.

Our solutions are unique and present a breakthrough in the world of cellular monitoring and fight against crime and terror.

UIS - Ultimate Interception System

Strategic GSM / UMTS / LTE Interception System
UIS is a revolution in cellular monitoring as it removes all existing boundaries!

System can intercept voice calls, SMS messages and data communication of virtually any GSM/UMTS/LTE phone  in the world.

Advanced Mobile Interception System (STD):

STD is an active tactical UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) monitoring system with the ability to identify and track criminals and  terrorists,  gain  control  over  threatening situations  by  manipulating  their  mobile  phone  communications, collect intelligence and evidence by intercepting their traffic and locate them precisely for capture and arrest.


CellDetectors are counter-interception devices used to detect, locate, and eliminate active interception systems and IMSI/IMEI Catchers used by hostile parties. Such active interception systems in your near vicinity might be used for the collection of information of your mobile phone or monitoring your calls/SMS as well as the phones of other high ranking personnel.

Atlas System

GSM / UMTS / LTE Mobiles Locating System for Authorized Governmental Agencies and LEA
The newest localization system that is offered to Law Enforcement and Governmental agencies.
It’s a strategic and independent GEOINT solution which provides accurate location information covertly and in real time.


IMSI Catching system pretend to be a legitimate Mobile Network Base Station, and as such, they attract mobile devices within their vicinity to register with them. Once such a registration occurs, the IMSI-Catcher system takes full control of the functionalities of these mobile devices, including extracting cell phone identities and their cellular traffic.