Suricata has the expertise and talent capability to provide its clients with an added value, full, overall Security and Safety package.
Suricata’s consulting and services include:

  • Homeland Security including Border Control Security
  • Aviation, Maritime and Transport Security
  • National Strategic Infrastructure Security
  • Total Security Solutions for Communal Security and Emergency preparedness
  • “Red” + “Blue” Teaming
  • Asset Protection Solutions
  • Personal VIP Protection: visible + Covert (Discreet services for private clients)
  • Risk Mitigation + Business Continuity + Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Kidnap Prevention for Persons at Risk
  • Surveillance detection for persons at risk
  • Safe Cities and Command & Control  (C4I) Center planning and overseeing.


  • Ensuring maximal business continuity and recovery
  • Counter terrorism/criminal procedures (including Maritime, Airport, Transportation, Hospitality, School and Entertaining)
  • Residentia/Family security and safety
  • School and Campus security 

Private Investigations:

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Missing people
  • Money fraud
  • Business Intelligence and Due Diligence.