Aviation has always been a preferred target for terrorist attacks worldwide. It presents such a critical and sensitive target that can affect the image and economy of a whole nation. Aviation is one of the most crucial and difficult asset to protect Since it involves a delicate combination of millions of people from different nations in a relatively small and time sensitive environment. Every small mistake can lead to catastrophic results.

Suricata offers a full concept combining state of the art technology with years of experience in Aviation Security and dealing with constant threats.

Our concept is based on providing the highest level of security while permitting the Airport the premier level of service possible to all passengers.


  • State of the art indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Special cameras for takeoff/landing runways for detecting hazarders objects
  • Smart fencing designed for airports and runways
  • X-ray machines, metal detectors
  • Explosives / drugs sniffers
  • Antidrone defence
  • Unique software management for Airports


  • Profiling – prioritizing passengers in a fast and accurate manner
  • Undercover security
  • Screening – how to screen? What to look for?
  • Airport perimeter security
  • Synchronization of all the security rings - from the most external to the agent on the plane
  • On board training of the security agents


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