In recent years the world has been exposed to several terrorist attacks that occurred in public transportation - subways, intercity trains, buses etc. These scenarios poses a challenge for LE units since it involves maintaining a high level of security in a high speed surrounding used by millions of people each day.
Protecting the life of the passengers while providing a normal daily routine is the biggest challenge we are facing when planning public transportation security projects.
Suricata has acquired the knowledge and experience in planning and executing complex security plans in order to assure protection of human life and the daily routine.

This complicated task is achieved by using state of the art technology with clear know how and training, adapting each project to the reality of the country of implementation.


  • Command and control centers
  • Wireless real time mobile video transmission for immediate reaction
  • HQ day and night cameras
  • LPR ( license plate recognition cameras)
  • Full tracking system applications
  • Passenger screening


  • Routine and emergency procedures
  • Profiling and filtering mass amounts of passengers
  • Armed security agents – on site and on board
  • Undercover security
  • Training of drivers in routine and emergency
  • Contact with local LE units
  • Contingency plans


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