KRAV MAGA is the self-defense technique developed for the Israeli Special forces. Its uniqueness is in the fact that it uses natural movement of the body combined with a very precise and clear way of thinking – ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENCE. It is a practical martial art that can be learned fast and can be adapted to any type of unit and scenario.

KRAV MAGA has proven to be the best technique for combat units worldwide.


The training includes:

  • Basic techniques: standing, punches, elbows, kicks
  • Defense against punches and kicks
  • Ground work
  • Street fight techniques
  • Using a gun as a cold weapon
  • Aggressiveness training
  • Defense against – knife, stick
  • Neutralizing a handgun
  • Neutralizing a hand grenade
  • Dealing with an identified suicide bomber
  • Face to face battles



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