Nowadays, when terror attacks occur almost on a daily basis, strategic installations like – gas, oil, nuclear, electricity, government buildings, etc. are becoming a clear target for terrorists trying to sabotage the daily routine and cause a threat to human lives.

Suricata offers an intensive and complete training program aimed to professionals in charge of protection of critical and strategic installations.


Program includes:

  • Knowing the threat and the enemy
  • Case studies of real events
  • Filtering and profiling
  • Explosives in the hands of a terrorist
  • Introduction to explosives
  • The suicide bomber
  • Car bomb
  • Using a car as a weapon
  • Security rings – the Israeli concept
  • Analysis of threats
  • Terrain file
  • Writing procedures for the protection of an installation
  • Use and implementation of relevant technology
  • Visit to strategic installations
  • Final exercises

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